- Author Lynn Williams


Author, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Anderson Dovilas


Enjoy this fascinating, mesmerizing piece of art dedicated to the suffering children of Haiti that face hunger, tragedy and poverty everyday. All the proceeds will go towards aiding the children of Haiti with food, shelter and clothing.

"This was a well-done compendium of short stories. The theme of rough childhoods, either long-term or innocence-shattering moments, was extremely touching."


"The book “Paradise Place” portrays the unhackneyed reality of growing up in The United States of America, this the writer achieves via painting accurate pictures through various short stories aimed to highlight the challenges children and young adults encounter growing up in the American society today, proffering solutions to such challenges via painting success stories of challenged kids rebounding from such experience and generally admonishing parents to regularly touch base with the situation of their kids and to be very attentive.Timely and terrific, “Paradise Place” is a most read for parents."

- Christopher Gregory B.A (Creative writing), M.A (Classical literature), PhD (Classical Studies)

"An Excellent read. I really enjoyed the read, the author's writing style is of absolute top quality and it's fast-paced. The characters are well developed making the read an awesome passionate thriller with a great creative plot. This was a brilliant book and I really did enjoy it, you know how there are books that you speed through because it's so bad you want to just get it finished? Well, this book is the just the opposite. This book is a delight from start to finish. Anderson Dovilas did an amazing job with writing this book, I found myself highlight almost every sentence in this book. What an emotional read. This is one of those books I go back to read every few years and enjoy as much as I did the first time I read it. Highly Recommended!"

- Janet Brandy (Linguist/Editor)